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Adjectives of Number (Numeral Adjectives) Adjectives of Number also called Numeral Adjectives show how many persons or things are meant. These adjectives answer the question: (How many?) They are further divided into two

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Adjectives of Quantity (also known as Quantitative Adjectives)   Adjectives of Quantity show the quantity of the noun or pronoun. These adjectives do not provide exact numbers but tell us the approximate amount.   

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Descriptive Adjectives ( also known as Adjectives of Quality/Qualitative Adjectives/) Descriptive Adjectives give more information about the quality of a thing or person. They describe qualities such as good and bad, beauty and

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What is an Adjective?   ADJECTIVE - adds something to the meaning of a noun. What is an Adjective? An adjective is a word or group of words used to describe or modify

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    Use of Either.......Or and Neither.....Nor    The use of Either....Or  and Neither......Nor is often confusing and even sometimes the most experts in English might feel difficulty using them. The reason is

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