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Present Continuous Tense in English Grammar:    The Present Continuous Tense is also known as the Present Progressive Tense.  It is used to express the presently going on (deliberate) actions.     Present Continuous Tense

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Present Simple Tense in English Grammar: The Present Simple is also called Present Indefinite or Simple Present Tense. It generally describes present routine events, facts, truths etc.,  Present Simple Tense Structure and Formula:

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Tenses in English Grammar   The tense means time. The tense of the verb shows not only the time of action but also its continuance or completion. Here, you are going to learn

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Articles Worksheets Here, several Articles Worksheets have been provided for your practice to be perfect in the chapter of the articles. The usage of Articles in English Grammar has been explained in a

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What Are Articles In English Grammar? 'Articles' chapter is an important component of English Grammar. It is highly useful for the students and the candidates appearing for competitive exams.   Basically, Articles in

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