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A list of 1000 proverbs in English with their meaning: Proverbs are a rich source of wisdom, often passed down from generation to generation. They are short, memorable sayings that offer guidance and

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Types of meals Have you ever wondered at the different names of the meals that we take during the day? Most of us may be familiar with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  But what

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  The following is a list of one word substitutions that shows how we call experts or specialists in the medical field.   List of One word Substitutions: Part - 4 Who is

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One word substitutions -cide words: Part - 3   The suffix -cide came from the Latine word ‘caedere’ which means killing.  The words end in -cide are known as killer-words and also the part

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One Word Substitutions Part - 2 (Forms of Government) -cracy words and -archy words of One Word Substitutions: The suffixes -cracy and -archy came from Greek.  The meanings of the suffixes are -cracy

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Collective Nouns for Things and Places   Given below is a list of commonly used collective nouns for things and places, plants and plant products and food and drinks. Collective Nouns for Things

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Collective Nouns for Animals and Birds Here is a useful list of collective nouns for animals, birds, and insects which surely will help you to improve your vocabulary in English.       Collective

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Collective Nouns for People Here you find a list of 200 collective nouns for people used for a number or a collection of people. Generally, the collective nouns for people are formed based

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Animal Homes Names of animal homes is an interesting topic in the English language. Like people living in houses, different animals, birds, insects and other persons have specific names of places to live

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Animal Sounds You might have heard the dogs when they are barking or growling or snarling.  Have you ever heard when the elephant trumpets or roars, jackals howl, grasshopper chirps, magpies chatter and

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  Animals And Their Babies  How curious and interesting to know the names of animals and their babies like tiger-cub, zebra-colt, pig-pigling, rabbit-bunny, cat-kitten, dog-puppy, cow-calf, lion-cub, and duck-duckling, pigeon-squab, hen-chicken etc., Maybe

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Tongue Twisters in English   Tongue Twisters in English are a sequence of words or sounds that are generally difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly. But they are greatly helpful in speech therapy

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 Funny Jokes in English - This article is going to give you a variety of  Funny Jokes with commas, words, Bernard Shaw's witty conversations, classroom jokes, riddles etc.,   Funny Jokes in English

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  How to Read Long Words in English   How to read long words in English has been explained here. Long words in the English Language are called sesquipedalian words (long or polysyllabic)

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What is spoonerism?   Spoonerisms in the English Language have been explained here.  A spoonerism is the transposition of the initial sounds of two or more words, as in sons of toil in

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