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Why Public Speaking Is An Essential Skill

2nd July 2019 CHALLA 139 Comments

Why Public Speaking Is An Essential Skill has been explained here

Public speaking is one of the most essential and powerful skills that can help you become a person of greater influence. Leaders of great influence, throughout history, are leaders who excelled tremendously in public speech.


Take a moment to recall some of these great leaders of massive influence:


Mahatma Gandhi, the leader who, through his speeches (and actions), liberated India and brought the country to independence;


 Martin Luther King, the leader who fought for racial equality, a role model who believed that African Americans can co-exist peacefully with Whites;


Lee Kuan Yew, who through his speeches, galvanized support from all races and generations in Singapore, brought the country to independence, and then transformed the country from a third world nation to a first world metropolis.


Barrack Obama’s persuasive and inspirational speeches reached out to millions during his electoral campaigns and were broadcast through the media and the Internet


Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, and the list goes on…



Steve Jobs, well known for marketing his Apple products through his speeches that reached millions of people worldwide!



Steve was a marvelous example of how effective public speeches can lead to astounding sales results through the power of influence. In one speech, Steve was trying to introduce to the world his revolutionary Mac Book Air. One of the thinnest and lightest laptops in the world at the time of its launch it was built as a lightweight laptop for the ease of carrying around (as compared to its predecessor, the Mac Book). In the middle of his speech, he demonstrated the significance of its thinness by pulling a Mac Book air from an envelope! The audience was immediately convinced and roared into a thunderous applause. Such is an example of influencing people through public speeches.

(Why Public Speaking Is An Essential Skill?)


Some Reasons….., 

Public speaking is not just something you might have to do for work or for people in positions of leadership. Learning to talk to others in public forums is an essential life skill that everyone should master in their lives. Learning to speak publicly can not only benefit your career in many ways, but it also has tremendous advantages for your personal growth and development, as well. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should start improving your public speaking skills today.


You can improve confidence

When you learn to speak publicly, you can increase your self-confidence tremendously. Whether or not you value what other people think of you, mastering public speaking skills can help you feel more prepared and able to share your thoughts and ideas with others, no matter the venue or size of the crowd. Communication skills are vital today, and learning to speak and effectively share a message in front of others will help you feel good about yourself.

You can perform better at the Job

One of the skills that is critical in nearly all careers these days is communication. You need to be able to tell customers information, to explain how your product works, or you talk confidently with your co-workers to solve problems or create innovative ideas.

Learning to perfect your public speaking skills can help you make more sales or can lead to higher ratings by satisfied customers. And when you are ready, having effective communication skills can help you land a better job, because you will be able to present yourself with confidence to whomever interviews you.


You can feel more comfortable in social situations  

Public speaking skills are transferrable to all types of situations where you need to communicate with others, including professional and social opportunities. When you feel confident speaking in front of a crowd, you will feel more comfortable speaking up at work meetings, enjoying a party with new people, and trying out new opportunities in your local community. The confidence you gain from public speaking translates into being able to communicate with all types of people in all level of situations, which helps you feel more at ease, no matter where you are or what you are talking about.

(Why Public Speaking Is An Essential Skill?)

You can make a difference or a change

Being able to share ideas and knowledge with other people is vital to influencing thoughts or generating interest in an important topic. When you have effective public speaking skills, you can help people understand critical issues in your community, address problems that of concern to you, or share ideas that could improve yours and other’s lives. Being a good public speaker makes you a thought leader, which can help you make important and necessary changes.

You can stand out among your colleagues

When you have the confidence to speak to larger groups, you will feel more comfortable speaking up in front of your colleagues, as well. You can differentiate yourself from others at your job when you are not afraid to share your ideas, suggest new ways to operate, or show your leadership skills to others.

You can improve the abilities

When you speak to others publicly, you are sharing your knowledge and skills with others. You are teaching them. And teaching is a wonderful way to improve your own abilities. Preparing and executing a speech helps you know your information better, and it enables you to explore your knowledge on a deeper level so that you are sure that your speech is clear and that you are communicating effectively. This entire process improves your knowledge and helps you develop.

You can develop critical thinking

Preparing a speech forces you to research your topic, come up with a logical argument or course of action, and understand how your solutions or ideas affect other people. You must learn to analyze information carefully so that you are not presenting lies or half-truths to your audience.

Public speaking is not just about standing in front of people and talking. It also includes crafting a powerful message that informs, persuades, or entertains people, and you must use many crucial critical thinking skills when doing this.

You can become a leader

Good leadership is built on effective communication skills. So learning to be a better public speaker puts you in a better position to strive for a leadership role, as well. No one follows someone who can’t adequately articulate their vision or ideas, and public speaking teaches you how to craft a message and deliver it so that audiences will hear and engage. These skills can help you become a leader at work, in your community, or wherever you want to lead others in your life.


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