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F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers

F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers

8th April 2022 CHALLA Comments Off

F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers

F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers are a great help to the students attending the F1 Visa Interview,

What is an F1 visa?

If you plan to study your higher education in the United States, you need an F1 Visa. This is a type of non-immigrant student visa for international students to continue their education for a certain period of time in the United States of America. It is issued normally for 5 years to the students who have been accepted to attend an academic or English Language Program at a university or college in the US.

F1 Visa Interview:

F1 Visa Interview is the final stage to materializing your dreams of studying in the USA. The duration of the F1 Visa interview will be 2-10 minutes of time. Sometimes it may end in a minute. You can attend an F1 visa interview at the US Consulate in your region. There are five US consulates in India – Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration

Every F1 aspirant is supposed to remember that there is no shortcut route to clear the US Visa Interview. It requires committed preparation. However genius or creatively talented you are, if you don’t prepare well, you are doing nothing but making a fool of yourself. Remember, without effort, you can’t gain anything. This is applicable in F1 visa interviews also. Preparation with a planned, realistic and strategic approach is a must. Ninety percent of the visa rejections result from lack of preparation but not out of sheer bad luck.

Preparation for a visa interview doesn’t mean mugging up the others’ answers. It is to design and customize your own answers. Most of the questions asked by the Visa Officers are almost similar. But each individual candidate has a different background and different situations to respond accordingly. So don’t be a copycat of others’ answers or what is available on the internet. Prepare your own customized answers and be unique.

What the Visa Officers mainly look for at F1 Visa Interview:

  • Academically Qualified: whether you are a qualified and genuine student or not.
  • Communication Skills (English): Whether you are able to communicate clearly or not.
  • Immigrant: Whether you are a potential immigrant or will return to your home country.
  • Finance: Whether you are able to afford the cost of education in the USA.

F1 Visa questions can be divided into the following categories: 

  1. Study Plans
    • Purpose of Visit to the USA
    • Choice of the University
    • Choice of the Course
    • Future Plans
  2. Academic Ability 
    • Your Previous Academics
    • Test Scores
    • Job and Experience
  3. Financial Ability
    • Sponsors and Funding
  4. Potential Immigrant
    • Family and Relatives
  5. General Questions

F1 Visa Interview Model Questions and Answers

1. Study Plans

  • Purpose of Visit to the USA


YOU: Good Morning Officer!

VO: Good Morning, Pass me your I-20 and Passport.

YOU: Sure Officer, here they are.

1. What is the purpose of your visit to the US?

Sample Answer : 

For pursuing my Master’s in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

2. Why do you want to study in the USA?/ Why the US? or Why did you choose only the USA?


The Visa Officer wants to know your intentions of studying in the US are genuine or not. ♦♦♦You have to prove that study in the US is important to your growth, education and career.  ♦♦♦Also convince the VO that the US is the only country that can offer you these things. ♦♦♦Try to know the advantages of studying in the USA.  ♦♦♦Just highlight the merits of the US System of Education. ♦♦♦Don’t belittle your country. 

Sample Answer: 

I prefer to study my masters in the USA  because it gives me the required exposure to the field of my interest that is Information Systems. And also, the universities in the USA  impart education in a research-centric environment which will definitely prepare the students for a challenging career. Thus, the practical knowledge that I acquire in the US will be of great help to me when I come back to India. Moreover, a US degree with modern technology is a high priority and is globally accepted. Furthermore, the courses in the US universities have tremendous flexibility and the student is given a wider choice to choose from. I am also fascinated by the tremendous cultural diversity in most of US Universities as there will be students from various countries of the world. 

Other similar questions

  • 3. Why don’t you like to continue your education in India?
  • 4. In what way will the masters in the USA be different from that of India?
  • 5. India has some top rated schools, even though why would you like to study in the USA? 
  • 6. Why have you opted for only the USA but not the U.K, Canada or Australia?

7. Have you visited the United States before?

Sample Answer: 

Yes Sir, I have visited or No I haven’t visited

  • Choice of the University

8. Which university are you going to? or Which university did you get admitted to?

Sample Answer: 

I am going to the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) 

9. Why did you choose this specific university? or

  • Why this university? Or 
  • What made you choose this specific university? Or
  • Tell me about the university that you are going to study at. Or
  • Why have you opted for this university? Or 
  • Why Maryland?/Why this University? Or
  • Why did you choose the University of Maryland?


This question is commonly expected at F1 visa interviews. The visa officer would like to know the reason behind joining the particular University.

Do some research on the University portal about the university. Try to find its research facilities, professors and their area of research/projects, courses and faculty related to your course. Know about the speciality of the university and research going on in the area you have chosen. It is better mainly to focus on research and academics rather than rank and infra. 

Sample Answer: 

I have chosen the University of Maryland, Baltimore County because it has some of the best faculty members in my field of study that is Information Systems. This graduate programme is interdisciplinary which helps me develop in-demand skills in IT as well as in IS. Moreover, the specializations it offers like data science and artificial intelligence are the research trending topics at the university and align with my area of interest. Also, if I get an opportunity, I want to work with Arya Gangopadhyay who is pursuing his research on Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy for Multi-agent Systems (ArtIAMAS).  Furthermore, the university is highly ranked and the faculty is globally reputed and has produced some of the finest alumni in the world.

10. Could you tell me the name of the campus you have applied to? 

Sample Answer: 

Yes sir.  It is Baltimore County, Maryland

11. Where is your university located? or How will you get there? or Could you tell me something about the location of this university?

Sample Answer: 

The UMBC campus is located very near downtown Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI), and it is only 30 miles north of the nation’s capital. 

12. Do you know what this particular city is famous for?

Sample Answer: 

Baltimore, Maryland, is known for being home to the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum. It is also known for Baltimore crab cakes, Lexington Market, and the Inner Harbor. 

13. What are the important cities in this particular state?

Sample Answer: 

Lutherville, Towson, Mays Chapel, Hampton, and Pikesville are a few of them to name.

14. Do you know the climate of the city?

Sample Answer: 

Yes. In Baltimore, the summers are hot and humid; the winters are very cold, snowy, and windy; and it is partly cloudy year-round.

15. Tell me any important personalities associated with this university?

Sample Answer: 

The notable alumni of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County are 

  • Kathleen Turner, Theatre Director, Actor
  • Brian DannellyTelevision director, Television producer
  • Duff GoldmanPastry chef, TV chef
  • Adrienne A. JonesPolitician

16. How did you come to know about this university?

Sample Answer: 

Once I decided to pursue my MS in the US, I started extensive research for a better university and found that UMBC is a perfect match for my areas of interest.  Also one of my professors, Mr. Reddy, who taught me in my bachelor’s, suggested this university.

17. Do you know any professors at the university? or Have you contacted any professors at the university?

Sample Answer: 

Yes sir,  I know Professor George Karabatis and Professor Aryya Gangopadhyay. I haven’t contacted them personally, but I am excited to learn from them.

18. Do you know the port of entry to your university?

Sample Answer: 

Yes sir. It is Baltimore, Maryland – 1303 (click here to know the port of entry of any city)

19. How many universities did you apply to and what are they? or Which universities did you apply to? or Can you mention the names of the universities you got accepted to?

Sample Answer: 

Sir/Madam, I have applied to four universities – They are Arizona State University, the University of Maryland, the University of Cincinnati and the University of North Texas. I got acceptance from Arizona, North Texas and Maryland and rejection from the University of Cincinnati.

Other similar Questions:

  • 20. How many I-20s have you received?
  • 21. Do you have any rejections?

 22. Did you get any scholarships from the university?

Sample Answer: 

Yes. I got a $10000 scholarship for the entire course. Or No, I didn’t get any.

  • Choice of the Course

23. What is the course you are going/planning to study?

Sample Answer: 

I am going to study for a Master’s in Information Systems.

24. Why do you want to study this course? / Why this course? or Tell me something about the course you are taking up? 

Sample Answer: 

I have done my two major projects on Systems and Information Integration and Data Mining in my undergraduation. Since then I got an immense inclination towards this course and I decided to learn more about it.  ‘Information systems’ is also a fast-moving area with an ongoing technology revolution. The University of Maryland offers an integrated course where I can learn technical expertise, information and practical knowledge of the business industry.  Moreover, it offers Data Science and  Artificial Intelligence as specializations which are my area of interest. So, with this course, I definitely have a wider scope of job opportunities when I come back to India.

(Know more about your course that you have opted to join on the university web portal)

25. What are the subjects you want to select in your first semester? or What are you going to specialize in?

Sample Answer: 

My specializations would be Advanced Database Projects, Systems and Information Integration and Data Mining which will help me get a better position in any organization. 

26. Why do you prefer to study this course in the US only instead of your home country? or Why don’t you continue your education in your home country?

Sample Answer: 

Firstly, the US degree has more credibility in India than a degree from any other country. Secondly, US education is more practical-oriented and uses advanced technology. Thirdly, the universities in the US offer courses that have greater flexibility. Also, the US also hosts the largest number of international students which creates a multicultural environment. So these are some of the reasons why I chose the US as my preferred study destination to study abroad.

(Also refer to the question above ‘Why this university?”)

27. Why are you changing your major?

  • 28. How will you be able to perform well in the field you wish to change to?
  • 29. How does this program relate to your previous study/ project/ job?
  • 30. As you are changing your major, I feel you have no academic focus. How would you justify it?
  • 31. How will this study program relate to your past work or studies?

Sample Answer: 

Though my major was Mechanical Engineering, I have done my major projects on Systems and Information Integration and Data Mining in my undergraduation. Since then I got an immense inclination towards this course and I decided to learn more about it.

               Other similar questions

  • 32. How did you come across this program?
  • 33. What excites you to study this course? 
  • 34. Justify your ability (academics, project, work experience) to pursue this course?     

(Refer to the answer to the question ‘why this course’)

35. Where do you plan to stay while you study your course?

Sample Answer: 

I plan to stay in the campus hostel while I study my course.

36. Do you plan to work in the U.S while you study?

  • 37. Do you plan to work on campus?
  • 38. Do you plan to continue working while studying?


College/University legally allows you to work for 20 hours on-campus. You are not allowed to work off-campus.

Sample Answer:

I want to mainly focus on my studies and gain the required knowledge. If possible, I would like to try for a Graduate (Instructional/Teaching) Assistantship.

39. In case you run out of money in the U.S, what will you do?

Sample Answer: 

I have sufficient funds with savings and bank loans. So, I think this situation doesn’t happen.

40. For how long do you intend to stay in the US?

Sample Answer: 

I intend to stay in the US till the completion of my course i.e., for two years.

  • Future Plans

41. What are your future plans?

  • 42. What are your career goals?
  • 43. What do you want to do after your master’s?
  • 44. Do you plan to come back to your home country or stay in the US after masters?


Tell the VO that you will certainly return to your home country after you complete your education in the United States.

Sample Answer: 

After my studies, I will come back to my country and find a job in an MNC as a Database Administrator at the beginning and later I would like to begin my own start-up in the IT consultancy business.

45. After completion of your intended course, do you plan to work in the US?

Sample Answer: 

No sir. My main focus is to gain the required knowledge in my field and return to my home country to set up my own business in the future.

46. What are the career options you will have with this course?

Sample Answer: 

I have a wide range of career options with the course I am going to pursue.  As an information systems graduate, my skills will be invaluable to employers and I can get the positions like Database administrator, Application analyst, Cyber security analyst, Data analyst, Information systems manager, IT consultant etc.,

47. In what way will this course be helpful to you? or How does your US master’s degree help in India?

Sample Answer: 

The course equips me with advanced technical skills related to my field. This widens my opportunities in the Indian job market.

48. How do you assure that you would come back to your home country? or If you get a high-paid job in the U.S. then why would you like to come back?

Sample Answer: 

Yes, there are many International Companies opening doors in India. There are plenty of well-paying opportunities here for my qualifications. And moreover, my entire family is here. So, I will definitely come back.

49. What salary would you expect when you come back to India?

Sample Answer: 

Sir, I would expect 8 to 10 lakhs per annum.

50. What companies would you prefer to join when you come back to India?

Sample Answer: 

I would prefer to join top MNC like IBM, TCS, DELL Technologies etc.,

51. At what position would you enter the organization?

Sample Answer: 

As a Senior Database Administrator.

52. Do you have any plans of doing a Ph.D. in the USA?

Sample Answer: 

No Sir. I do not have any such plans.

53. In 8 years’ time from now, where do you see yourself? 

Sample Answer: 

First I would like to focus on my studies and gain the required knowledge.  Then I will come back to my country and work in an MNC as a Database Administrator for 4 to 6 years. Later I would like to begin my own start-up in the IT consultancy business and see myself as an entrepreneur.

2. Academic Ability 

  • Your Previous Academics

54. What is your degree/qualification? or What is your major in bachelor? or What is your stream? 

Sample Answer: 

I finished my  B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

55. Where did you complete your bachelor’s/undergraduate degree?

Sample Answer: 

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree from GITAM University

56. In which year did you complete your bachelor’s? 

Sample Answer: 

In the year _____–

57. What is the GPA/Percentage?

Sample Answer: 

9.5 GPA out of 10

58. Show me your Degree certificate & Marksheets? 

Sample Answer: 

Sure sir, Here it is.

59. How many backlogs do you have? Show me your Memos?

Sample Answer: 

I have 2 backlogs but finished them during my course time. Or I don’t have any backlogs.

60. Have you done any projects in your bachelor’s? And What are they? or Explain your project work and how it relates to this program?

Sample Answer: 

I have done two projects, One is ‘Automatic Database Schema Generator’  where we create a tool that aids the developer in building such a  database schema.  The second one is the ‘Knowledge Contest Game’.  It is an intranet or internet-based system where we can conduct quiz-like games. Both these projects are related to the course that I am going to pursue.

61. It seems you have got less percentage in UG, how do you cope with the course in the US?

Sample Answer: 

During my undergraduate second year, I had a serious health issue and so I did not prepare well for the exams. This impacted my overall score in undergraduation. Moreover, I am an above-average student and achieved pretty good scores in my GRE and IELTS.  So I am confident that I can cope with the course in the US.

62. Why is there a gap in your academics? What is the reason?  or Why didn’t you plan for a master’s soon after UG?


Prepare a suitable answer based on the situation like 

Prepared for any competitive exams, Did a job for relevant experience, Health issues, Took break because of sports Family problems, etc., 

  • Test Scores

63. What tests have you taken (GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS)? And tell me the scores? or What are your GRE/TOEFL scores?

Sample Answer: 

I took the TOEFL and I scored 95. 

I took the IELTS and I scored 7. 

In the GRE test, I scored 316. 

I took the GMAT and I scored 700. 

I took the ACT and I scored 32. 

In the SAT, I scored 1200. 

64. Why is the GRE score low? (If less score)

Sample Answer: 

I was not able to score well in the verbal part and that impacted my overall score. I wanted to reappear but my IELTS and academic scores are pretty good. So with my overall profile, I was offered admission.

65. Why is your IELTS score low?

Sample Answer: 

At the time of the IELTS test, I had my 6th-semester exams.  So I was not able to concentrate much. I scored less in the Reading part which impacted my overall score. I wanted to reappear but my GRE and academic scores are pretty good. So with my overall profile, I was offered admission.

66. Why didn’t you take the GRE test?

Sample Answer: 

I contacted the university admissions branch before I did my application and explained my profile. Then, they were satisfied with my overall profile and offered me admission without GRE.  So I didn’t take the GRE. 

For the student going for research or Ph.D.:

  • 67. What is your research area? or
  • 68. What is the topic of research you are going to do in the USA? or
  • 69. Have you done any research so far in India? What is it? or 
  • 70. Can you explain the research so far done in India?

                (Prepare your answers with relevant research topics)

  • Job and Experience

71. What have you been doing since you completed your bachelor’s? 

  • 72. Can you explain your work experience? or
  • 73. What is the company you are working for? or
  • 74. Who is your current employer? What do you do?

Sample Answer: 

I have been working as a Database Administrator for the past 2 years at SCHOOL LEAD. It is a reputed study abroad organization in India that helps students to continue their education in abroad countries.

75. What is your annual salary/package at the present job?

Sample Answer: 

I get 6 lakhs per annum.

76. Why do you plan to leave your current job and study in the US?

Sample Answer: 

Currently, I am working as a Database Administrator for the past 2 years at SCHOOL LEAD. But I feel I lack advanced skills to solve certain technical issues. I am sure that I have a wider scope of opportunities if I am equipped with the latest skills. So I decided to continue my further studies.

77. What websites have you visited for your visa interview? or Have you visited any websites related to this interview?

Sample Answer: 

Yes sir. I have gone through several websites, but US travel docs, the official website, is the final one where I learnt all the important rules for this interview.

If Visa was rejected earlier:

78. Why was your visa rejected last time? What has changed since last time?

Sample Answer: 

I don’t know exactly what happened last time.  But now I am here to request you to give me an opportunity to explain myself. This time, I have improved my GRE score from 290 to 310 and IELTS from 6 to 7 band.

Financial Ability (Sponsors and Funding)

79. How many credits are there in your course? And what is the cost per credit hour? 

Sample Answer: 

There are 39 credits and it is $1,171 per credit hour.

80. What is the annual tuition fee for the course you have applied to? or How much does your school cost?

Sample Answer: 

$24,000 is the tuition and fees and with living and otter expenses, it is around $39,000 per annum

81. How are you planning to fund your education? Or 

  • 82. How will you meet these expenses?
  • 83. Who is sponsoring or paying for your education?
  • 84. Who is your sponsor?

Sample Answer: 

Sir, I have secured a loan of Rs.50,00,000 from SBI and my father is sponsoring with his savings of Rs. 20,00,000 and also we have immovable property worth 3 crores, fixed deposits of Rs. 50,00,000.

85. What is your father?

Sample Answer: 

My father is Government Teacher and works in Education Department

86. What is his annual income?

Sample Answer: 

His annual income is Rs.11,50,000

87. What is your mother?

Sample Answer: 

She is a homemaker. 

88. What is her annual income? (If applicable) or

(Mention the amount if she is also an earring member.)

Other similar questions:

  • 89. What is the annual income of your parents and what is their occupation? 
  • 90. What is the occupation of your sponsor and his/her annual income?
  • 91. Have you got any scholarships?
  • 92. Have you taken an educational loan?
  • 93. Please show us your bank account statement.
  • 94. Can I see your sponsor’s Tax Returns?
  • 95. Can you show me your C.A certificate?

96. As per the bank statement, all the entries have been made recently. How did you get these funds suddenly?

Sample Answer: 

Sir, Out of his savings, my father has given some amount to his friends and relatives. Now, keeping my studies in view, they have returned and the same is deposited in the bank. That is the reason for the recent entries in the account statement.


Sir, My father has different savings accounts. Before the interview, he transferred to one savings account of which bank statement I have submitted to you. That is the reason for the sudden entries in the account statement.

Potential Immigrant (Family and Relatives)

97. How many siblings do you have? or How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Sample Answer: 

I have one brother/sister.

I do not have siblings

98. Do you have any siblings staying in the US?

Sample Answer: 


If yes:

  • Where does your brother/sister live in the US? 
  • Is brother/sister studying or working there?


99. Would you also prefer to stay in the US and work like your brother/sister?

Sample Answer: 

No. I prefer to come back home because my parents mostly depend on me.

100. Do any of your family members/relatives live in the US?


101. Are any of your family members/relatives studying at the same university you plan to go to?


102. Would you prefer to come back home during vacation/holidays? 


Convince the VO that your family and relations are here in your home country and your need to visit them.

Yes sir. I have a strong bonding with my family and relations here in my home country. So I intend to come back during the vacation.

103. Do you know anybody in the US? 

Sample Answer: 

The answer should be – YES. Some of my friends are studying there in the US.

General Questions

  • Tell me about your curricular activities and hobbies?
  • Have you visited any other countries?
  • How do you react if I reject your Visa? 
  • When you leave India, who will take care of your parents? 
  • After coming back to India do you think you can get a job? 
  • What are the strengths / weaknesses of your personality? 
  • Talk about your achievements in your life? 
  • How did you prepare yourself for the Interview?

Also, refer to