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One word Substitutions

List of One word Substitutions

13th April 2021 CHALLA Comments Off

One word Substitutions


The following is a list of one word substitutions that shows how we call experts or specialists in the medical field.


List of One word Substitutions: Part – 4

Who is your doctor? 

Sl. No. Specialist Expert in / Doctor for
1 Andrologist A doctor who deals with the male reproductive system and urological problems found only in men
2 Anesthesiologist A doctor who specializes in anesthesia and anesthetics
3 Cardiologist A doctor specialized in heart diseases
4 Chiropodist,
A doctor who treats the feet and their ailments. Also called a foot doctor.
5 Cosmetologist A doctor specialised in cosmetic treatments to the hair, skin, nails etc. / Beautician
6 Dermatologist A doctor specialised in skin diseases
7 Endocrinologist A doctor specialised in diseases of glands of internal secretion
8 Gastroenterologist A doctor who is trained to diagnose and treat problems in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract and liver (or digestive system)
9 Gastrologist A doctor who is specialized in stomach and stomach problems
10 Gerontologist A doctor who treats old age problems
11 Gynaecologist A doctor specialized in female diseases
12 Haematologist A doctor who specializes in blood, blood-making organs, and blood disorders
13 Immunologist A doctor who specializes in treating and managing allergies, asthma, and other immune system disorders.
14 Nephrologist A physician who treats kidney diseases
15 Neurologist A doctor who deals with the disorders of the nervous system
16 Obstetrician A physician who specializes in childbirth
17 Oculist An ophthalmologist. A person who examines or treats people’s eyes
18 Oncologist A doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
19 Ophthalmologist A doctor who specialises in eye diseases
20 Optician An expert in making eyeglasses
21 Optometrist One who prescribes corrective glasses
22 Orthodontist A person who specialises in correcting the position of the teeth
23 Orthopedist A doctor who specialises in the treatment of bones that have not grown correctly
24 Orthopedic Doctor or Surgeon A doctor who focuses on caring for the bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. These parts are referred to as “musculoskeletal system.”
25 Osteopath A doctor who specialises in treating persons with bone displacement
26 Otolaryngologist A doctor specialized in treating the diseases of ears, nose, and throat (ENT). Also called an ENT doctor
27 Pathologist A doctor who specialises in detecting the nature and origin of diseases
28 Paediatrician A doctor who specialises in children’s diseases
29 Periodontist A dentist who specialises in the treatment of gums and other tissues around the teeth
30 Pharmacologist A specialist in the science of medications
31 Physician A doctor who attends to the sick and prescribes medicines
32 Psychiatrist A doctor who specializes in treating persons with mental aberrations.
33 Psychologist An expert in psychology. One who studies the human mind, emotions and behaviour
34 Pulmonologist A doctor who diagnoses and treats lung diseases
35 Radiologist A doctor who uses medical imaging to support the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions and injuries
36 Rhinologist A doctor who specialises in nose diseases
37 Urologist A physician who specializes in the urinary or urogenital tract


The following is a list of one word substitutions that shows different people and their trades and professions.

List of One word Substitutions: Part-5

People and their professions:

Sl.No. Person What they are ( Their Profession)
1 Apiarist One who is an expert in beekeeping
2 Anthropologist One who studies the evolution of mankind
3 Architect One who draws plans for a building
4 Astronaut One who is trained to travel in a spacecraft
5 Balloonist One who ascends in a balloon
6 Bookmaker One who takes bets especially on horse races and writes down his notebook
7 Cartographer One who draws or produces maps
8 Calligrapher One who writes beautiful writing
9 Chauffeur One who drives motor car
10 Chemist, Druggist One who sells medicines
11 Choreographer One who composes the sequence of steps and moves for a performance of dance
12 Cobbler One who mends or makes shoes
13 Collier One who works in a coal mine
14 Compere One who introduces the performers or contestants in a variety show
15 Curator A keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection
16 Custodian A caretaker of public building
17 Dietician An expert in food and nutrition
18 Draper One who sells cloth or fabric
19 Farrier A person who makes and fits metal plates for horses’ feet
20 Fishmonger One who deals in fish
21 Flautist or Flutist A flute player
22 Florist A person who sells and arranges cut flowers
23 Glazier A person who sets glass in windows, doors etc.,
24 Grazier A person who rears or fattens cattle or sheep for market
25 Invigilator One who supervises in the examination hall
26 Jockey An expert in horse riding in a race
27 Lapidist One who cuts precious stones
28 Librarian One who is in charge of a library
29 Lexicographer A person who compiles dictionaries
30 Milliner A person who makes and sells ladies’ hats etc.,
31 Radio Jockey One who presents a radio programme
32 Pawnbroker One who lends money and kees goods as security
33 Playwright One writes plays
34 Plumber One who repairs cisterns and water pipes
35 Potter One who makes pots
36 Psephologist One who studies the elections and trends in voting
37 Scavenger A person employed to remove dirt and refuse from streets
38 Sculptor An artist who makes sculptures.
39 Surveyor One who measures land
40 Tinker One who goes from place to place mending pots, pans etc
41 Tobacconist One who sells tobacco and cigarettes
42 Usurer One who lends money and charges interest, especially at an unlawful rate; moneylender
43 Usher One who shows people to their seats, especially in a cinema or theatre or at a wedding
44 Violinist One plays violin


Whether you believe in God or not. That is not the question here. But what are the belief systems that exist related to God, Religion and Nature? And what do we call the people who believe in God or who do not believe in God?  Let’s see a variety of words in the following list.

List of One word substitutions:  Part – 6  

Belief system towards God

Sl.No. Person / Belief Belief system towards God
1 Agnosticism Skepticism or not sure about God
2 Agnostic A person who neither believes nor disbelieves the existence of God
3 Animism A belief in the divinity of nonhuman beings, like animals, plants, and objects of the natural world,
4 Animist One who believes in animism
5 Atheism Disbelief in the existence of a God
6 Atheist A person who doesn’t believe in God
7 Deism Belief that there is a God who made the world but does not influence human lives.
8 Deist One who believes in Deism
9 Henotheism Belief in one god without denying the existence of other gods
10 Henotheist One who believes in Henotheism
11 Monotheism The doctrine or belief that there is only one God
12 Monotheist One who believes in Monotheism
13 Omnism A belief in all religions
14 Omnist A person who believes in all religions
15 Pantheism A belief that God and the universe are the same. Here they believe that everything that exists is a part of God or that God is a part of everything that exists
16 Pantheist One who believes in Pantheism
17 Polytheism Belief in many Gods
18 Polytheist One who believes in Polytheism
19 Theism Belief in the existence of a God or Creator, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe
20 Theist A person who believes in the existence of a god or gods
21 Totemism A belief in a divine connection between humans and other natural beings.
22 Totem A person who believes in Totemism
23 Pagan A person who believes in a religion that worships many gods but does not believe in major religions of the world
24 Heathen A person who has no religion. He is irreligious, uncultured and godless