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21st June 2019 1,251 Comments

  PALINDROMES IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE What are palindromes? A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or sentence which can be meaningfully read in either direction. Examples of Palindromes madam - a word

20th June 2019 121 Comments

  Vowel Words in English Language      It is considered that the English Language has the largest vocabulary of all languages in the world. Most of the words in English are a

17th June 2019 74 Comments

  Blend Words in the English Language   brunch = breakfast + lunch foodoholic = food + alcoholic guesstimate = guess + estimate Spanglish = Spanish + English Hinglish   ­= Hindi + English

15th June 2019 115 Comments

    Figures of Speech in the English Language   Figures of speech in the English Language are words or phrases defined as literary devices used to enhance the quality of language, written

7th June 2019 30 Comments

  BINOMIALS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Binomials in the English Language are the expressions containing two words usually joined by the conjunctions and or or. For example   Black and white Hot and

9th May 2019 110 Comments

Mania means excessive interest or love. English words with the suffix ‘mania’ describe an obsessive enthusiasm or desire that the people have for something. Some mania words also represent a serious mental illness

1st May 2019 1,496 Comments

About Phobia   Common Phobias in English - A phobia is an abnormal and extreme fear of a particular thing or situation, especially one that cannot be reasonably explained. Phobia is a type

23rd April 2019 120 Comments

    A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the day on which the wedding has taken place. Since marriage is a major significant and most sacred event in everybody’s life, the essence

21st April 2019 18 Comments

    Reduplication is a word-formation process in which the base word is repeated exactly or with a partial change of a vowel or a consonant. These words are also called ‘echo words’.

21st March 2019 6 Comments

    Idioms in the English Language Every language has its own peculiar native expressions which seem to be difficult to the non-native speakers. These expressions in the English Language are otherwise called

6th March 2019 129 Comments

    One-word substitutions in English are a part and parcel of the vocabulary.  These are used to replace a group of words or a full sentence in the most succinct manner. We

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