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One Word Substitutions in English

6th March 2019 CHALLA 129 Comments


One word Substitutions in English


One-word substitutions in English are a part and parcel of the vocabulary.  These are used to replace a group of words or a full sentence in the most succinct manner. We see in our daily life how important it is to speak briefly and write precisely. With the use of one-word substitutions, we can avoid verbosity and roundabout expressions and make our speech or writing clearer, briefer, and more meaningful. One-word substitutions have also become very important for the candidates appearing for the competitive examinations.  They are asked in most of these exams and serious preparation is highly essential for the candidates.

Here, a list of 575 important one-word substitutions that appeared in several exams in the previous years has been provided in alphabetical order.

Part – 1




One Word Substitutions in English with ‘A’
1 Abattoir   A place where animals are slaughtered
2 Abdication Voluntary giving up of throne in favour of someone
3 Accomplice A partner in crime
4 Acrophobia An extreme or irrational fear of heights
5 Aesthetics A set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty
6 Affluent Wealthy; Having an abundance of money
7 Agenda A list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting
8 Agnostic One who doubts the existence of God
9 Agoraphobia Unreasonable fear of open spaces
10 Alchemy The process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary
11 Algophobia Fear of pain
12 Alleviate To reduce, make (suffering, deficiency or a problem) less severe
13 Almanac  An annual calendar with positions of stars
14 Altophobia An abnormal fear of heights
15 Altruist One who considers the happiness and well-being of others first
16 Amateur One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession
17 Ambidextrous Able to use the right and left hands equally well
18 Ambiguous Not clear; (of a statement) having more than one meaning
19 Amnesia Loss of memory
20 Amphibian Animals which live both on land and in water
21 Anachronism Something or somebody that appears to be in the wrong period
22 Anarchy A state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems
23 Anatomy The science of the structure of the human body
24 Anglophile An admirer of the English people, language, manners or way of life
25 Anglophobe One who dislikes the English and England
26 Anniversary The yearly return of a date
27 Anorexia lack or loss of appetite for food (as a medical condition)
28 Anthology A published collection of poems (from different poets)
29 Anthropologist One who studies the evolution of mankind
30 Anthropology The study of mankind
31 Antidote A medicine taken or given to counteract a particular poison
32 Aphasia Loss of speech
33 Aquarium A transparent tank of water in which the live fish are kept
34 Arbitrator  A person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute
35 Archaeology The scientific study of historical relics or monuments
36 Archives A place where government records are kept
37 Aristocracy A government run by the rich and the elite people; a class of well-born people
38 Armistice An agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time
39 Arsenal A place for ammunition and weapons
40 Artiste Professional singer, dancer etc.
41 Ascetic One who leads an austere life
42 Astrologer  A  person who studies the influence of heavenly bodies on human beings
43 Astronomer A person who studies stars, planets and other heavenly phenomenon
44 Astronomy The branch of science which deals with celestial objects and space.
45 Asylum An institution for the care of people who are mentally ill
46 Atheist A person who does not believe in the existence of god
47 Audible That which can be heard
48 Auditorium A big hall, built for the gathering of people (audience)
49 Autobiography The life history of a person written by himself
50 Autocracy A system of government by one person with absolute power
51 Autonomy The right or condition of self-government
52 Autopsy ( or)     post-mortem Medical examination of a dead body
53 Axiom A statement that is accepted as true without proof
One Word Substitutions  in English with ‘B’
54 Bachelorhood State of being unmarried
55 Bankrupt A person who cannot pay his debts
56 Barbarian An uncivilized person
57 Barrack A large building or group of buildings used to house  soldiers
58 Barricade Hastily erected barrier across a street
59 Bathophobia An abnormal and persistent fear of depths
60 Belligerent One who is eager to fight or argue
61 Betrothed Engaged to be married
62 Bibliography A list of books representing some scholarly work for reference
63 Bibliophile A great lover of books
64 Bibliophobia Fear or hatred of books
65 Biennial  An event which happens once in two years
66 Bigamy  The practice of having two wives or husbands at a time
67 Bigot One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views
68 Bilingual A person who speaks two languages
69 Biography The story of a person’s life
70 Biology The study of living organisms
71 Blasphemy The act of showing a lack of reverence for God
72 Botany The study of plants
73 Bouquet  A collection of flowers
74 Brevity Briefness; shortness of time
75 Brewery A place where beer is made commercially
76 Bureaucracy A government run by civil servants (officials) rather than by the elected
One Word Substitutions  in English with ‘C’
77 Cacographist  A person who is bad in spellings
78 Cacology bad choice of words or poor pronunciation
79 Cacophobia Fear of ugliness and things that are ugly
80 Calligraphist  A person who writes beautiful handwriting
81 Calligraphy  The art of beautiful handwriting
82 Cannibal  One who feeds on human flesh
83 Carcass The dead body of an animal
84 Cardiologist A doctor specializing in matters relating to the heart
85 Carnivorous A flesh-eating animal
86 Cartographer  One who draws maps
87 Casino A place where gambling games are played
88 Catastrophe An event causing sudden damage or suffering;  A disaster
89 Catholicity Broad outlook, free from prejudice
90 Cavalry (in the past) Soldiers who fought on horses back
91 Celibacy The state of being unmarried
92 Celibate One who is vowed to unmarried life
93 Cellophobia An extreme fear of beauty
94 Cemetery A place where dead bodies are buried
95 Centrophobia A dislike of being in the centre
96 Charlatan One who deceives others by claiming to be an expert
97 Chauffeur One who is employed to drive a motor-car
98 Choreographer A person who composes the sequence of steps and moves for a performance of dance
99 Choreographer  One who teaches dancing
100 Chromatics The science of colors
101 Chronophobia Fear of time
102 Circumlocution The use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea
103 Claustrophobia An extreme or irrational fear of confined spaces
104 Cloakroom  A place for luggage at the railway station
105 Coagulate Change from a liquid into a solid or semi-solid state by chemical reaction
106 Cobbler One who mends shoes
107 Colloquial Suitable for ordinary informal conversation
108 Colossus A person who is extremely important or large in size
109 Combustible That which can catch fire and burn easily
110 Comedian One who plays funny parts in plays or films
111 Commodity An article of trade or commerce
112 Compatriot A fellow citizen or national of a country
113 Compiler A person who brings out new books
114 Complexion The natural colour and appearance of skin
115 Compulsory That which must be done
116 Confectioner One who sells sweets and pastries
117 Congregation A religious group; A group of worshippers
118 Connoisseur An expert judge in matters of taste
119 Conscript A person who is compelled by law to serve in the armed forces
120 Consortium A combination of several businesses for a common purpose
121 Constellation A number stars grouped together
122 Contagious That which spreads easily, especially a disease
123 Contemporaries  Belonging to or living at the same time
124 Contraband Smuggled goods
125 Contretemps A minor dispute or disagreement
126 Controversial That which causes debate or argument
127 Convention A formal assembly or conference of people of the same business to  discuss practices
128 Convoy A group of vehicles or ships that travel together, especially for protection
129 Coquette A girl/woman who flirts with a man
130 Corrigendum Something to be corrected in a printed book
131 Cosmology Science of origin of the universe
132 Cosmopolitan A person who regards the whole world as his country
133 Counterfeit Copy something exactly in order to deceive
134 Coup d’etat The sudden overthrow of a government, especially by force
135 Creche A nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work
136 Cruise A voyage on a ship for pleasure
137 Crusade  A religious war
138 Culprit A person who is responsible for a problem or a crime
139 Curator A keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection
140 Cygnet A young swan
141 Cynic One who has little faith in human sincerity or honesty
142 Cynophobia Fear of dogs
143 Cynosure  Centre of attraction
One Word Substitutions  in English with ‘D’
144 Dactylology The use of the fingers and hands to communicate and convey ideas
145 Debacle A sudden complete failure; A fiasco
146 Demagogue A leader who sways his followers by his oratory
147 Democracy Government of, for and by the people
148 Denouement The last part of a play, book etc. where all the complications of the plot are solved
149 Detergent A cleaning agent, especially a synthetic substance
150 Deterrent Something to prevent people from doing wrong
151 Detractor A person who tries to make something less good by criticizing it
152 Dictum A statement that expresses something people believe  is true and is to be followed
153 Didactic Something designed to teach people some moral
154 Dilettante An admirer of  the fine arts
155 Dipsophobia An abnormal and persistent fear of drinking alcohol
156 Disarmament Reduction of weapons by governments
157 Documentary A film that gives facts about something
158 Domicile A place where one lives permanently
159 Dormitory The sleeping rooms in a college or public institution
160 Dragnet A system of connected actions and methods for catching criminals
161 Drover One who deals in cattle or sheep
162 Drudgery Hard; uninteresting work
163 Duet Song sung by two people together
One Word Substitutions  in English with ‘E’
164 Eavesdropper A person who listens to someone’s private conversation without them knowing:
165 Eccentric One who has strange behaviour
166 Ecology Study of environment
167 Edible That which can be eaten
168 Effeminate A man who has the qualities of a woman
169 Egalitarian The belief that all people are equally important and should have the same rights and opportunities in life
170 Egoist A self-centered person with little regards for others
171 Egotist a person who considers himself or herself to be better or more important than other people:
172 Elegy A poem of lamentation
173 Elocution The art of effective speaking
174 Emigrant One who goes to live in a country
175 Encyclopaedia A book giving information on all branches of knowledge
176 Entomology The scientific study of insects
177 Ephemeral Lasting for a very short time
178 Epic A long narrative poem
179 Epicure One who is for the pleasure of eating and drinking
180 Epilogue Concluding part of a literary work
181 Epitaph Inscription on a tombstone
182 Ergonomics The study of the efficiency of people in their working environment
183 Ergophobia An abnormal and persistent fear of work or finding employment
184 Err Make a mistake, do wrong
185 Erudite A learned or scholarly person
186 Espionage The act of spying
187 Estuary the tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream.
188 Euphemism Expressing unpleasant things or events in a pleasant manner
189 Evolution the gradual development of something
190 Exertion Making an effort; trying very hard to do something
191 Extempore A speech made without any previous thought or preparation
192 Exterminate To put an end to something by killing
193 Extravagant A person who wastes his money on luxury
194 Extrovert A person who is active, lively and enjoys the company of others
195 Exuberant full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness
One Word Substitutions  in English with ‘F’
196 Facsimile An exact copy of handwriting, printing etc.
197 Fallacy A false idea or belief
198 Fanatic A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religion
199 Farce A light-hearted humorous play with silly action
200 Fastidious One who is very selective in one’s taste
201 Fatal Anything that leads to death
202 Fatalist One who believes in fate
203 Fauna The animals of a certain religion
204 Favouritism The practice of giving favoured treatment to certain people
205 Febrile Having or showing the symptoms of a fever
206 Feminist A supporter of the cause of women
207 Fiance  A man who is engaged to be married
208 Fiancee A woman who is engaged to be married
209 Fiction The literature of unreal stories
210 Fleet A number of ships
211 Flock A number of sheep
212 Flogging A punishment in which the victim is hit repeatedly with a whip or stick.
213 Flora The plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period
214 Flotilla A small fleet of ships or boats
215 Foreman A skilled worker in charge of other workmen
216 Fourth estate Influential newspapers and journalists
217 Fragile Easily broken
218 Francophile An admirer of the French people, language, manners or way of life
219 Francophobe One who dislikes the French and France
220 Fratricide The murder of one’s brother
221 Freight Goods carried by train, ship etc.
222 Fuddy-duddy A person who is very old-fashioned and does not approve of modern ideas
223 Fugitive One who runs away from justice or the law
224 Fumigate Purify (an area) with the fumes of certain chemicals
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘G’
225 Garage A building in which motorcars are parked
226 Garrulous One who talks too much about uninteresting things
227 Gastronomy The art and science of cooking and eating good food
228 Genocide Elimination or killing of a whole race
229 Genophobia or coitophobia Physical or psychological fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse
230 Geology The study of rocks and soils (Earth)
231 Geraphobia Fear of old age
232 Germicide A medicine that kills germs
233 Gerontocracy A state, society, or group governed by old people
234 Glacier A mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain valley
235 Glutton One who eats too much
236 Glutton One who eats too much
237 Gnosiophobia Fear of knowledge
238 Gourmand A lover of good food
239 Graffiti Rough drawing or writing on public walls
240 Graminivorous (Of an animal) feeding on grass
241 Granary  A place for grains
242 Graphophobia Fear of writing or handwriting
243 Gratis Without payment, free of cost
244 Gregarious (Of a person) fond of company; sociable
245 Grove A small growth of trees without underbrush
246 Gubernatorial Relating to a governor, particularly that of a state in the US
247 Gullible One who is easily deceived or tricked
248 Gynaephobia Fear of women
One Word Substitutions  in English with ‘H’
249 Hallucination Seeing something which is not actually present
250 Hamlet A cluster of houses in a village
251 Hanger A large building in an airport in which aircraft are kept
252 Haven A safe or peaceful place
253 Hedonist A person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life; a pleasure-seeker
254 Heliotherapy The therapeutic use of sunlight
255 Henpecked A person who is controlled by his wife
256 Herbarium A place for the collection of dried plants
257 Herbivorous (Of an animal) feeding on plants
258 Heretic One who acts against religion
259 Histrionics Very emotional and energetic, but not sincere or without real meaning
260 Holocaust Great destruction and the loss of many lives; the mass killing of Jews in

World War II

261 Holster A leather holder for a pistol
262 Homicide The killing of one man by another man
263 Homonym Two words that are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings
264 Honorary An office for which no salary is paid
265 Hooligan A noisy rough person who causes trouble
266 Horticulture The art of cultivating and managing gardens
267 Hub The central part of a wheel
268 Hydrophobia Extreme or irrational fear of water
269 Hypochondriac A person who has exaggerated anxiety about his/her health
270 Hypocrite A person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
271 Hypocritical The pretense of virtue or goodness, saying one thing while thinking another
272 Hypothesis Supposition made a basis for reasoning
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘I’
273 Iconoclast Someone who attacks cherished ideas or traditional institutions
274 Idealism The practice of forming and following ideals
275 Ideology Set of ideas on the basis of certain economic or political systems
276 Idolatry Worship of idols
277 Igloo The house of an Eskimo
278 Ignoramus A thoroughly ignorant person
279 Illegal That which is contrary to law
280 Illegible Handwriting which is difficult to read
281 Illiterate One who is unable to read or write
282 Immemorial Too old to be remembered, ancient, beyond memory
283 Immigrant One who lives in a foreign country
284 Imminent About to happen
285 Immortal That which never dies
286 Immune Free from infection
287 Impassable That which cannot be passed through
288 Impervious A person who remains unmoved and unaffected by other people’s opinions, suggestions
289 Implacable Impossible to satisfy, change or make less angry
290 Impregnable Unable to be defeated or overcome
291 Inaccessible That which cannot be approached or reached
292 Inaudible That which cannot be heard
293 Inauspicious Not of good omen
294 Incognito Having one’s true identity concealed
295 Incorporeal Without material form or substance
296 Incorrigible One who can’t be corrected
297 Incredible That which cannot be believed
298 Indefatigable One who is incapable of being tired
299 Indelible That cannot be erased
300 Indigenous Belonging naturally to a place
301 Indophile / Indomania An admirer of the Indian people, its culture, manners or way of life
302 Indophobe One who dislikes the Indians and India
303 Inedible Something which cannot be eaten
304 Inevitable That which is bound to happen
305 Inexplicable That which cannot be explained
306 Infallible Incapable of making mistakes or being wrong
307 Infantry Soldiers marching or fighting on foot
308 Infirmary A place in a large institution for the care of those who are ill
309 Inflammable Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burned
310 Inflate To fill with air or gas
311 Ingenious Very clever person
312 Inimitable That which cannot be imitated
313 Innate That which one is born with
314 Innocuous Not harmful or offensive
315 Insolvent/ Bankrupt A person who is unable to pay his debts
316 Insomnia Loss of sleep
317 Intangible Unable to be touched; not having a physical presence
318 Intellectual A person of good understanding, knowledge and reasoning power
319 Intelligentsia The class of people who think independently
320 Intolerable That which cannot be endured
321 Introspection Examination of one’s own mental processes
322 Introvert One who does not express himself freely
323 Intuition Immediate apprehension by mind reasoning
324 Invincible That cannot be conquered or defeated
325 Invulnerable That which cannot be wounded
326 Irreparable That which cannot be repaired
327 Irreproachable Beyond criticism; faultless
328 Itinerant One who travels from place to place
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘J’
329 Jaywalk To cross streets on foot in a careless and dangerous way
330 Jockey A professional rider in horse races
331 Joey A young kangaroo
332 Judicious Wise, sound in judgment
333 Jurisprudence The theory or philosophy of law
One Word Substitutions  with ‘K’
334 Kakistocracy A state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens
335 Kennel A small shelter for a dog
336 Kimono A loose gown of silk as worn in Japan
337 Kleptomania An abnormal desire to steal something
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘L’
338 Lackey One who behaves like a servant by always obeying
339 Laminate To cover with thin sheets of metal or plastic
340 Lapidist A skilled worker who cuts and engraves precious stones
341 Legible That which can be read
342 Leonine Of or like a lion
343 Lexicographer One who compiles a dictionary
344 Libertarian One who believes that one should have freedom of expression
345 Limerick A humorous short poem with five lines
346 Linguist A person who knows many languages
347 Literati Well-educated people who are interested in literature
348 Loquacious One who talks continuously
349 Lowbrow Not highly intellectual or cultured
350 Lullaby A pleasant song sung to send children to sleep
351 Lunatic A person who is mentally ill
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘M’
352 Machete A knife with a broad heavy blade
353 Magnum opus A great work of art, particularly literary
354 Maiden speech The first speech delivered by a person
355 Malediction A curse or words or speech intended to bring about destruction or evil.
356 Manuscript A handwritten document
357 Martinet A strict disciplinarian
358 Mascot Something chosen as a symbol to bring good luck
359 Masochist One who enjoys pain or humiliation
360 Matricide  Murder of mother
361 Maxim An established principle
362 Mediocre One who is neither intelligent nor dull
363 Megalomania The belief that one is extremely important
364 Melodious Sweet sounding
365 Menagerie A collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition
366 Mercantile Of trade and business
367 Mercenary One who does something for the sake of money
368 Meteorology The scientific study of weather conditions
369 Meticulous Very careful and with great attention to every detail
370 Militia Those trained as soldiers but not belonging to a regular army
371 Mint A place where the money is made
372 Misanthrope One who hates mankind
373 Misogamist A person who doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage
374 Misogynist One who hates women
375 Misologist One who hates reasoning,  learning and knowledge
376 Monarchy A government by a king or queen
377 Monastery A building or buildings occupied by a community of monks living under religious vows
378 Monogamy   The practice of marrying one at a time
379 Monomaniac One who keeps thinking of one particular thing only
380 Monotheism The practice of worshipping only one god
381 Morgue A where dead bodies are kept for identification; A mortuary
382 Mortuary A place where dead bodies are kept
383 Multinational A company having branches in many countries
384 Mycology The scientific study of fungi
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘N’
385 Namesake  A person having the same name as another
386 Narcissist someone who has too much admiration for himself or herself
387 Narcotic A medicine for producing sleep
388 Nausea A strong feeling of wanting to vomit
389 Nautical Of sailors, ships or sailing
390 Nemesis Something always causing troubles, mystery or death
391 Neocracy Government by new or inexperienced hands
392 Neologism A newly coined word or expression
393 Neophyte A person who is new to a subject or activity
394 Nepotism Undue favour shown by a person in power to his relatives
395 Niche A shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display a statue or other ornament
396 Nostalgia A sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past
397 Notary A public official who makes written statements official
398 Novice One who is new to a trade or profession
399 Numismatics The study of coins
400 Numismatist One who studies and collects coins
401 Nyctophobia An extreme or irrational fear of the night or of darkness
One Word Substitutions  in English with O’
402 Obituary Notice of a person’s death in a newspaper
403 Obligatory That which is required to be done by law
404 Obsolete That which is out of use, or replaced by a newer model
405 Oculist An ophthalmologist or optician
406 Odontology The scientific study of the structure and diseases of teeth
407 Oligarchy A small group of people having control of a country or organization
408 Omnipotent One (God) who has all the power
409 Omnipresent One (God) who is present everywhere
410 Omniscient One (God) who knows everything
411 Omnivorous An animal or a human that eats any kind of food
412 Ontology Philosophy concerned with the nature of existence
413 Opaque Which cannot be seen
414 Ophthalmologist An eye-doctor
415 Optics Study of light
416 Optimist A person who looks at the bright side of things
417 Optometrist A technician who measures your eyesight
418 Orchard A piece of enclosed land planted with fruit trees
419 Ornithology A study of birds
420 Orphan One who has lost parents
421 Orphanage A place where orphans are housed
422 Orthodox One who believes in traditional values
423 Orthography Study of the correct spelling of words
424 Ostracize To expel from society
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘P’
425 Pachyderm A thick-skinned animal, especially an elephant or rhinoceros
426 Pacifist One who believes in the total abolition of war
427 Palaeography The study of ancient writing
428 Palaeontology The study of fossils
429 Panacea A remedy that can cure all diseases
430 Pantheism A doctrine that identifies God with the universe
431 Paradox A contradictory statement
432 Parasite The plant or animal that lives on another
433 Pariah One who is not accepted by society; an outcast
434 Patent Sole right to make and sell one’s own invention
435 Pathology Study of disease
436 Patricide Murdering of one’s father
437 Paunch A man’s fat stomach
438 Pauper One who has no money
439 Pedagogy Study of art of teaching
440 Pedant One who is overly concerned with book-learning or with formal rules
441 Pedestrian One who walks on foot
442 Penultimate Last but one
443 Perquisite A benefit which one enjoys or is entitled to on account of one’s job or position.
444 Pessimist A person who looks at the dark side of things
445 Petrology The scientific study of rocks
446 Philanthropist One who loves mankind
447 Philately The collection and study of postage stamps
448 Philistine One who does not care for art & literature
449 Philogynist a person who likes or admires women
450 Philologist One who is well versed in the science of languages
451 Philology The study of languages
452 Phonetics The science concerned with the sounds of human speech
453 Pigment The natural colouring matter of plants and animals
454 Plagiarism Literacy theft or passing off an author’s original work as one’s own
455 Plaintiff One who brings a charge against someone in court
456 Platonic A very close, non-sexual friendship between two people
457 Plebeian Belonging to lower social classes
458 Plebiscite A decision made by voting
459 Plutocracy Government by the wealthy
460 Polyandry The practice of having more than one husband at the same time
461 Polygamist A man who has more than one wife at the same time
462 Polygamy The practice of having more than one husband or wife at the same time
463 Polyglot One who knows many languages
464 Polygraph A lie-detector
465 Portable That which can be carried
466 Portal An impressive entrance to a building
467 Posthumous Occurring after one’s death ex., A child born after the death of his father or the book published after the death of a writer
468 Postscript A note added at the end of a letter, after the signature
469 Potable Fit to drink
470 Pragmatist A person concerned with practical results and values
471 Predator An animal who preys on other animals
472 Prescient Able to foretell what will happen in the future
473 Profile A brief description of the characteristics of something or someone
474 prognostication The action of prophesying future events
475 Propellant An explosive for firing a bullet or a rocket
476 Psephologist One who study the elections and trends in voting
477 Pseudonym An imaginary name assumed by an author for disguise
478 Psychiatry Study and treatment of mental illness
479 Psychology The study of the human mind
480 Pulmonary Of or having an effect on the lungs
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘Q’
481 Quixotic Trying to do the impossible, usually to help others, while putting oneself into danger
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘R’
482 Raconteur One who is good at telling stories in an interesting way
483 Rapport A good relationship between two people
484 Receptive Capable of receiving new ideas
485 Recluse One who lives in solitude
486 Red-tapism Excessive use of official formalities causes unnecessary delay
487 Referendum Asking everyone for an opinion
488 Reflation A government policy of increasing the amount of money in circulation
489 Reinforce Strengthen by additional men or material
490 Renaissance A revival of interest in art, literature etc.
491 Renegade A person who changes his religious beliefs
492 Requisition An official demand or request
493 Reticent One who speaks less
494 Retribution A severe deserved punishment
495 Rhetoric  The art of elegant speech or writing
496 Ringleader One who leads others to do wrong or make trouble
One Word Substitutions  in English with ‘S’
497 Sabotage Deliberate destruction especially of a factory, etc. by dissatisfied workers
498 Sacrilege The violation or profaning of sacred things
499 Samaritan One who helps others
500 Sanatorium A room or building for sick children in a boarding school
501 Sanctimonious Making a show of being morally superior to other people
502 Saturnine One who is grave and gloomy
503 Scaffold A structure on which criminals used to be hanged
504 Sceptic A person who doubts the truth of what he is told
505 Scuba An instrument used for breathing when swimming underwater
506 Sculptor An artist who makes sculptures
507 Secular A government in which all religions are equally honoured
508 Sedentary Having not much activity or doing something mainly sitting down
509 Seer One who can see into the future
510 Seismology The science of earthquakes
511 Sensationalism The intentional production of excitement or shock
512 Septuagenarian A person in his seventies
513 Sheath A close-fitting cover for the blade of a knife or sword
514 Silhouette Black shadow-like picture on white background
515 Simultaneously Taking place or happening at the same time
516 Sinecure Any office with good salary but no work
517 Sinophile An admirer of the Chinese people, language, manners or way of life
518 Sinophobe One who dislikes the Chinese and China
519 Small fry Unimportant people
520 Snippet A small piece from something spoken or written
521 Sojourn A short stay at a place; a temporary stay
522 Somnambulism Walking in sleep
523 Somnambulist A person who walks in his sleep
524 Somniloquist A person who talks in sleep
525 Sorcerer A person who claims or is believed to have magic powers; a wizard
526 Sororicide  The killing of one’s sister
527 Spendthrift One who spends too much
528 Spinster An unmarried woman
529 Stale Something which is not fresh
530 Stampede A sudden rush of a large number of frightened people or animals
531 Statesman A political leader who tries to stir up people
532 Stellar Relating to stars
533 Stockbroker One who buys and sell shares for others
534 Stoic One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure
535 Stopover A short stay between two places in one’s journey
536 Stratagem A trick to deceive an enemy
537 Stringent Very strict
538 Subcutaneous Beneath the skin
539 Subsidy Money paid by a government to make prices lower
540 Subversive Attempting to weaken or overthrow the authority
541 Superannuated Too old for work
542 Surreal Having a strange, dreamlike unreal quality
543 Synod A council of clergymen

One Word Substitutions in English with ‘T’

544 Taxidermy The art of stuffing animals and setting them in life-like poses
545 Technocrat A specialist in technology
546 Teetotaler One who abstains from taking alcohol
547 Terminate Come or bring to an end
548 Thanatophobia Fear of death
549 Thearchy A political system based on the government of men by God
550 Theist One who believes in the existence of god
551 Theocracy Government by religious principles
552 Timber Wood cut down for building etc.
553 Topiary The art of trimming trees and bushes to decorative shapes
554 Traitor One who is disloyal to his country
555 Triennial  An event which happens once in three years
556 Trilogy A group of three films that has the same characters or subjects
557 Triskaidekaphobia Extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen
558 Truant A student left school or class without permission
559 Turncoat One who changes sides
560 Tyrant A ruler with complete power who rules cruelly
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘U’
561 Unanimous A decision taken by the votes of all
562 Unisex Of one type, used by both males and females
563 Upstart A person who has suddenly risen from low rank to wealth and importance
564 Utopia An imaginary ideal
565 Uxoricide The killing of one’s wife
566 Uxorious Greatly or excessively fond of one’s wife
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘V’
567 Vandal One who damages public property
568 Venial A fault that may be forgiven
569 Ventriloquist One who entertains people by speaking without moving the lips and making it feel that the words are spoken by a model of a person
570 Verbose Using more words than needed
571 Versatile One who is gifted with several talents
572 Veteran One who has a long experience of any occupation
573 Vexillology The study of flags
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘W’
574 Widower A man whose wife has died
One Word Substitutions in English with ‘Z’
575 Zoology The study of animals

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