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Wedding Anniversaries

23rd April 2019 CHALLA 120 Comments


Wedding Anniversaries


A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the day on which the wedding has taken place. Since marriage is a major significant and most sacred event in everybody’s life, the essence of true relationship and the joy of togetherness for the number of years they spent is shared and felt by the way of celebrations. People used to celebrate 25 and 50 years of their marriage days in the medieval times and these wedding anniversaries were called Silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee celebrations respectively. But in recent times, the tradition has changed. Each year of the marriage day has occupied a greater value and wedding anniversaries are celebrated with different themes and gifts.

Here is a list of wedding anniversaries of 1-75 years with names and themes, gifts, and flowers that are relevant to each year of marriage.

Anniversary Latin-derived Term Theme or


 Gift or Present Associated


1st year Annual Paper Clock Carnations / Pansies
2nd year Biennial Cotton China Cosmos/Lily of the valley
3rd year Triennial  Leather Crystal or Glass Fuchsias/Sunflower
4th year Quadrennial  Linen Fruit/flowers/


5th year Quinquennial Wood Silverware Daisies
6th year Sexennial Iron Candy/sweets Calla Lillies
7th year Septennial Wool copper/Desk sets Jack-in-the-Pulpit
8th year Octennial bronze Linen or Lace Clematis/Lilac
9th year Novennial copper Leather goods Poppies
10th year Decennial Tin/aluminum Diamond


11th year Undecennial  Steel Jewellery Morning GloryTulip
12th year Duodecennial  Silk/linen Pearls Peonies
13th year Tredecennial Lace Textiles Hollyhocks/Chrysanthemum
14th year Quattuordecennial Ivory Gold jewelry Dahlias
15th year Quindecennial Crystal Watches Roses
16th year Sapphire Silver Holloware Pink Roses
17th year Orchid Amethyst/


Red Carnation
18th year Quartz Garnet/


Deep Red Flowers
19th year Jade Aquamarine Bronze Coloured


20th year Vigintennial /


China/Porcelain  Platinum Day Lillies/Aster
21st year Oak/Opal Nickel Iris
22nd year Water Copper Mixed Floral Bouquet
23rd year Water/Beryl Silverplate Deep Dark Red Blossoms
24th year Opal Musical


25th year Quadranscentennial Silver Silver Iris
26th year Jade Original pictures/Artwork Rose
27th year Music Sculpture Cosmos
28th year Linens Orchids Orchids
29th year Quartz New furniture Celosia
30th year  Pearl Ivory/Diamond Sweet Pea/Lily
31st year  Travel/tourism Timepieces White Flowers
32nd year Copper Conveyances


Copper Coloured Flowers
33rd year  Tin Amethyst Strawberry Plant in a Tin Can
34th year Opal Opal Poppy
35th year Jade Jewellery Coral Coloured Bouquet
36th year Antiques classic novels Tea Rose
37th year Stone Alabaster 37 Flowers
38th year Jade Beryl Flowers of the season
39th year  Laughter Lace Lace flower
40th year Quadragennial Ruby Ruby Nasturtiums/Gladiolus
41st year Topaz Land/Music Nasturtium
42nd year Garnet Home theme Mixed floral bouquet
43rd year Opal Travel Favourite flowers
44th year Turquoise Groceries Mixed floral bouquet
45th year Sapphire Sapphire Blue Iris
46th year Pearl Poetry Daffodils
47th year Amethyst Books Camelia
48th year Amethyst Optical goods Aster
49th year Cedar Luxuries Purple Orchids
50th year Semicentennial / Quinquagenary Golden Gold Yellow roses
51st year Camellia Photos/camera Favourite flowers
52nd year Star Ruby Bath/spa Bouquet of 52 flowers
53rd year Plastic Romantic Gateway Cherry Tree
54th year Glass Glass Rhododendron Plant
55th year Emerald Emerald Green Foliage Plants
56th year  Day Trip to favourite


Box plant
57th year Night Glass or Mirror Azalea
58th year Faith and hope Golf or Bowling


Maple Tree
59th year Charity Family Tree Olive Tree
60th year Sexagennial / Sexagenary  Diamond Diamond Iris
65th year Sapphire Castle Visit Blue Hydrangea
67th year Star sapphire, purple Star Sapphire/


Purple Coloured Bouquet
70th year Septuagennial Platinum Platinum Peony Roses
75th year Diamond/gold Diamond White Roses

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