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Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives

13th August 2020 CHALLA Comments Off

Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives show which or what specific persons, places or things are intended to be pointed out. 

These have special, peculiar and simple functions used to specify a noun and placed close to that noun in a sentence.


These adjectives answer the question: (Which one?)


These are of two kinds – Definite Demonstrative Adjectives and Indefinite Demonstrative Adjectives:


Definite Demonstrative Adjectives:

When a person or thing is pointed out exactly, it is called a Definite Demonstrative Adjective.





 Examples in Sentences:

  1. I do not want to sit in this room.
  2. Why don’t you explain about that problem?
  3. These lessons are easier.
  4. Those days we spent together were memorable.
  5.  I don’t like to encourage such ideas.


Points to Focus:

  • This and That refer to a singular
  • These and Those refer to plural


  • This and These talk about something ‘nearby’.
  • That and Those talk about something ‘over there.’


Indefinite Demonstrative Adjectives:


When a person or thing is pointed out in a certain sense, but not exactly, it is called an Indefinite Demonstrative Adjective. 


The most common of this kind are….



Example Sentences :

These adjectives are common to Singular and Plural.

  1. Any student can participate in this event.
  2. I need a certain amount of money immediately.
  3. The other girl can answer this question.
  4. Except for 10th class, any other students can take part in the test.


Points to Focus:

Difference between Demonstrative Pronouns and Demonstrative Adjectives:


These words this, that, these and those are used as demonstrative pronouns also.


The Adjectives describe the persons or things whereas demonstrative pronouns stand on their own. 

Let’s see some examples:


  • This is my car. (Demonstrative Pronoun)
  • This car is mine. (Demonstrative Adjective)


  • That is his book. (Demonstrative Pronoun)
  • That book is not mine. (Demonstrative Adjective)


  • These are my dresses. (Demonstrative Pronoun)
  • These dresses are yours. (Demonstrative Adjective)


  • Those were my friend’s books. (Demonstrative Pronoun)
  • Those books are hers. (Demonstrative Adjective)



Find out the Demonstrative Adjectives in the following sentences.


  1. This boy scored a good rank.
  2. That tree is very big.
  3. These classrooms are more comfortable for children.
  4. She likes that dress.
  5. I will never forget that incident.
  6. Why don’t you show me that saree?
  7. Those students go to tuition in the evenings.
  8. These horses are well trained.
  9. Those children are playing on the ground.
  10.  Don’t buy such vegetables.
  11.  I got the same mail which you received.
  12.  Chris repeated the same mistake three times.
  13.  Some books were issued to the students.
  14.  I never found such a fool like him.
  15.  Let me give you those tickets.
  16.  Any other student is invited to attend the seminar.
  17.  The other day I went there.