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Interrogative Adjectives

Interrogative Adjectives

13th August 2020 CHALLA Comments Off

Interrogative Adjectives

Interrogative Adjectives

The Adjectives that modifies a noun or a pronoun by asking a question is called Interrogative Adjectives. There are three interrogative adjectives in English.  

They are: what, which, and whose

We use these adjectives to ask a question as:


  • Whose car is this?
  • What book have you read in the library?
  • Which school do you prefer?


Examples of Interrogative Adjective in Sentences:


  1. Whose pen is this?
  2. Whose handwriting is this?
  3. I don’t know whose bike it is.
  4. Whose car is missing?
  5. Whose names have you finalized?
  6. Whose phone have you seen on the table?
  7. Which programme are they participating in?
  8. Which programme are you watching on TV?
  9. Which fruits do you eat in the summer?
  10. Which car do you drive easily?
  11. Which image did you select?
  12. Which topic have you finalized for the debate?
  13. What items did you order on Amazon?
  14. What sports have finalized for the students?
  15. What activities have you planned to do this week?
  16. What animal do you keep as a pet?
  17. What mistake has she made today?
  18. What information have you received from the Principal?


Points to Focus:


  • Difference between What vs. Which 


These two adjectives are mostly interchangeable, but there is a little difference between them.

What is used when the options are unlimited whereas which is used when the options are to be limited. 


  • What topics have you selected for the elocution?
  • Which topic have you finalized for the elocution?


  • Interrogative Adjectives vs. Interrogative Pronouns:


There is a common confusion between these because the words what, which, and whose can be used in both ways.

Interrogative Adjectives modify nouns or pronouns. They do not stand alone. Interrogative Pronouns do not modify anything and they stand alone.

It is very easy to identify them.  Let’s find out in the following sentences.


  • What is your name? (Interrogative Pronoun)
  • What name have you written there? (Interrogative Adjective)


  • Which is your laptop? (Interrogative Pronoun)
  • Which laptop is yours? (Interrogative Adjective)


  • Whose is this bike? (Interrogative Pronoun)
  • Whose bike is this? (Interrogative Adjective)