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Exclamatory Adjectives

Exclamatory Adjectives

13th August 2020 CHALLA Comments Off

Exclamatory Adjectives

Exclamatory Adjectives


Exclamatory Adjectives are used with the nouns and indicate strong emotion. Here the question word ‘what’ is used to express the strong emotion. 

This type of sentence ends with an exclamation mark.


Examples of Exclamatory Adjective in Sentences: 

  1. What a genius!
  2. What nonsense this is!
  3. What a fantastic drawing!
  4. What a terrible thing!
  5. What a beautiful flower it is!
  6. What an excellent teacher you are!
  7. What a wonderful journey we had!
  8. What a clever fellow you are!


Detailed use of Interrogative Adjective what:

Use of ‘what’ with the singular noun:

Here the verb is not used. We follow the following pattern.

What + a/ an + adjective + noun + !



  1. What a strange incident!
  2. What an enticing offer!
  3. What a cute baby!
  4. What a grand party!


Use of ‘what’ with plural nouns:  We use the following pattern.

What + adjective + noun +  !


  1. What remote areas!
  2. What beautiful flowers!
  3. What attractive locations!
  4. What strange ideas!


Use of ‘what’ with plural nouns with the collection: 

the pattern to be followed.

What + collective noun + of + adjective + plural noun + !


  1. What a band of great musicians!
  2. What a board of eminent directors!
  3. What a panel of great experts!
  4. What a galaxy of twinkling stars!
  5. What a range of high mountains!
  6. What a collection of rare specimens!


Use of ‘what’ with the verb: 

Here we follow the following pattern.

What + a / an + adjective +subject + verb + !


  1. What a beautiful flower rose is!
  2. What cute puppies they are!
  3. What a thundering sound it is!
  4. What a joyful life it is!
  5. What a memorable event it is!