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Emphasizing Adjectives

Emphasizing Adjectives

13th August 2020 CHALLA Comments Off


What is an Adjective?


ADJECTIVE – adds something to the meaning of a noun.

What is an Adjective? An adjective is a word or group of words used to describe or modify a noun or pronoun. It usually adds something to their meaning.

The adjectives are usually used before a noun or a pronoun attributively, but sometimes they may be used after the verb as predicatively.


Adjectives used attributively

  • I saw a black cat.
  • It was a slow journey.
  • The rose is a beautiful flower.
  • She is carrying a large suitcase.


When an Adjective is used after the verbs like be, become, grow, look, or seem, it is called a Predicative Adjective

Adjectives used Predicatively

  • The dog is black.
  • The rose is beautiful.
  • After a long journey, they look tired.
  • By virtue of hard work, they grew rich.

Emphasizing Adjectives

Emphasizing Adjectives

The adjectives which are used to lay stress on the proceeding noun are called the emphasizing adjectives.


‘Very’ and ‘Own’ are the common emphasizing adjectives.



  1. I saw him with my own eyes.
  2. This was the very toy that my child wanted.
  3. Mind your own business.
  4. Mind your own language.
  5. They have to arrange their own lunch.
  6. Why don’t you come on your own bike?
  7. This is the very car my son wanted.
  8. This is the very book I got.
  9. This accident took place before my very eyes.
  10. The very moment she appears, I will embrace her.
  11. Our friends did all the arrangements with their own efforts.